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One Minute Setup: No coding, ads or site needed!

How does it Work?

After someone clicks your shortlink, they will be targeted with your ads.

Ads are targetable in a variety of ways, including: Location, Time of Day, the website the person is on, and tons more!

How Much does it Cost?

Our pricing starts at $15 per thousand ad impressions, but contact us for volume discounts.

No contracts or credit-card required!

No Ads? No Problem!

We'll design 4 beautiful banner ads and one Facebook ad for you, for free!

Ads getting stale? We can create a new batch for you if the old ones have been running for a while.

Use AdLinks as your URL shortener

Install our Chrome extension to create short links in one click

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Intuitive and easy to use Campaign Center

Use our dashboard to upload new ads and create new links

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Test drive an AdLink

You'll start seeing Lean Startup or FreshBooks ads right away

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